Executive Board





Board of Trustees



Honorary Advisory Council

Charles S. Coffey O.C., LL.D
Chaviva Hošek O.C., Ph.D., LL.D.
Margaret N. McCain CC ONB
Harriet Stairs CM

Health and Innovation Advisor

 Dan Andreae MSW, CSW, FAIS, EdD, OMC, LLD (hon)

Chair, Canadian Advisory Board

Steven Stein Ph.D., C. Psych. ON

Committee Chairs

Breakfast/Fundraising: Jacquelin Weatherbee, Jessica Goldberg, Malcolm McLean and Julie Gaudry
Nominating: Liane Davey
Finance/Audit: Michael Ort
Governance: Executive                    
0-3 (Connections for Life): Dr. Nicole Racine 
4-17 (Kids Have Stress Too!): Dr. Robin Alter
PFC CPA Awards: Dr. Kofi-Len Belfon
Awards: Valerie Sterling
Workplace (task force to inform program committees): Open